The Arctic System Reanalysis (ASR)

Funded by:

- NASA (since June 2015) to complete ASRv2 2000-2012

- The National Science Foundation as an International Polar Year (IPY) project

Latest News on ASR (2017/02/24):

ASRv2 15-km has been completed for 2000-2012 and is available at NCAR CISL RDA. Expedited completion was facilitated by the Ohio Supercomputer Center providing enhanced access to their new Owens cluster.

Our next task is to extend ASRv2 15-km through the end of 2016 with a target completion date of mid-2017.

Rather than rerun the ASRv2 assimilation again at 30-km resolution, we will subset ASRv2 15-km to 30-km and probably 60-km resolutions to simplify analysis.

We are seeking funding from NSF to undertake a new version of ASR (v3) for 1979-2020. Upgrades to the atmospheric data assimilation approach and land surface modeling are proposed.

ASRv1 30-km (formerly ASR final version) is complete for January 1, 2000 - December 31, 2012. ASRv1 30-km is available at the NCAR CISL RDA.

Based on ASRv1 30-km results from Bromwich et al. (2016), the following changes have been made for ASRv2 15-km: