The Arctic System Reanalysis (ASR)

Funded by the National Science Foundation as an International Polar Year (IPY) project

Latest News on ASR (01/29/2015):

ASRv1 30-km (formerly ASR final version) is complete for January 1, 2000 - December 31, 2012. ASRv1 30-km is available at the NCAR CISL RDA.

Based on ASRv1 30-km results from Bromwich et al. (2015), the following changes have been made for ASRv2 15-km, which is currently in production with April 2015 set as the target date of completion:

Additional ASRv1 30-km resutls for December 2006 - December 2007 are presented below.

The archive locations of the ASRv1 30-km and ASRv2 15-km runs are as follows: Both versions will be available from The Ohio State University, Polar Meteorology Group. ASRv1 30-km is available from NCAR CISL RDA. Additional archival options may be arranged.

We plan to re-run ASRv1 30-km with same updates made to ASRv2 15-km (ASRv2 30-km). We intend to keep both resolutions of ASRv2 up to date. This will start in the near future.

Some results for ASRv1 30-km for 2007

Recent publications based on ASR-Interim (30-km)


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