Ross Island Meteorology Experiment (RIME) Workshop Funded by the National Science Foundation

Byrd Polar Research Center, The Ohio State University, Room 240 Scott Hall

 Preliminary Program


Monday November 10, 2001

5-8 pm. Social mixer. Holiday Inn on the Lane, Buckeye 3 and 4, 11th Floor, Cash Bar.

Tuesday November 11, 2001

 8:00 am            Coffee, juice, fruit and donuts

 8:25 am            Introduction David Bromwich, Byrd Polar Research Center

 8:30 am            Motivation for RIME Tom Parish, University of Wyoming, Laramie

 8:45 am            Important Atmospheric Processes Affecting the Ross Island Area David Bromwich, Byrd Polar Research Center

 9:00 am            Towards a Seasonal Forecast in the Ross Sea Xiaojun Yuan, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

 9:15 am            Physical Parameterization Development and Testing: Some Thoughts for RIME - John Cassano and Amanda Lynch, University of Colorado, Boulder

 9:30 am            MM5 Wintertime Simulations of the Antarctic Boundary-layer Wind Forcing Tom Parish, University of Wyoming, Laramie

 9:45 am            Cloud-radiation Interactions Von Walden, University of Idaho, Moscow

 10:00 am          Satellite Remote Sensing of Antarctic Cloud Properties Dan Lubin and Johannes Berque, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, California

 10:15 am          Coffee Break

 10:45 am          The Antarctic Mesoscale Prediction System (AMPS) Bill Kuo, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder

 11:00 am          RIME: Improving Multiscale Forecasting of Antarctic Meteorology David Bacon (SAIC, McLean, VA), Tom Parish (University of Wyoming, Laramie), and Ken Waight (MESO Inc., Raleigh, NC)

 11:15 am          AMPS Operational Utility Art Cayette, Chester Clogston, and James Frodge, SPAWAR, Charleston, South Carolina

 11:30 am          Improvements in Data Source Collection in Antarctica James Frodge, Chester Clogston, and Art Cayette, SPAWAR, Charleston, South Carolina

 11:45 am          Performance of Polar MM5 in Simulating Antarctic Atmospheric Circulation Zhichang Guo, Byrd Polar Research Center

 12:00 pm          Performance of Forecast Models in the Rescue of Dr. Shemenski from South Pole in April 2001 Andrew Monaghan, Byrd Polar Research Center

 12:15 pm          Assimilation and GPS/Met. Data Bill Kuo, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder

 12:30 pm          Importance of the Upper Boundary Condition Treatment for Mesoscale Modeling in Antarctica, Helin Wei, Byrd Polar Research Center

 12:45 pm          Catered Lunch

 1:45 pm            NCAR Atmospheric Technology Division Facilities for RIME David Carlson, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder

 2:00 pm            NOAA /ETL Studies in Conditions Related to the Proposed Ross Island Meteorology Experiment (RIME) P. Ola Persson, CIRES, NOAA/Environmental Technology Laboratory, Boulder

 2:15 pm            The University of Wisconsin Contribution to the Ross Island Meteorology Experiment (RIME) Matt Lazzara, University of Wisconsin, Madison

 2:30 pm            Applications of Aerosondes for RIME Judith Curry, James Maslanik, James Pinto, Sheldon Drobot, John Cassano (University of Colorado, Boulder) and Gregory Holland (Aerosonde Robot Aircraft)

 2:45 pm            RIME and the Dome C Tropospheric Program Paul Pettre, Meteo France, Toulouse

 3:00 pm            RIME and the Italian Antarctic Meteorology Program Andrea Pellgrini, ENEA, Rome, Italy

 3:15 pm            Coffee Break

 3:45 pm            Discussion of where we are and what the goals of RIME should be, formulate list of research topics and sort participants into discussion groups

 5:45 pm            Finish for the Day

 7:00 pm            Group Dinner at Buca di Beppo Restaurant, Arena District, Columbus

 Wednesday November 12, 2001

 8:00 am            Coffee, juice, fruit and donuts

 8:30 am            Break into groups to discuss details of RIME components (Process Studies, Modeling Research, plus ?).  Key goals to be established from Tuesday afternoon, subgroups tasked with developing detailed outlines of how to achieve goals.

 10:15 am          Coffee Break

 10:45 am          Morning Session Continues

 12:30 pm          Catered Lunch 

  1:30 pm            Discussion of subgroup results, formation of writing groups, beginning of document writing

 3:15 pm            Coffee Break

 3:45 pm            Afternoon Session Continues

 5:30 pm            Finish for the Day.

 6 pm                Barbecue at the Byrd Polar Research Center

 Thursday, September 13, 2001

 8:00 am            Coffee, juice, fruit and donuts

 8:30 am            Finish writing draft of documents by each subgroup.

 10:15 am          Coffee Break

 10:45 am          Morning Session Continues

 12:30 pm          Catered Lunch

 1:30 pm            Draft of RIME Science Plan to be prepared by merging subgroup documents

 3:15 pm            Coffee Break

 3:45 pm            Preparation of Executive Summary, Budget Estimates, Scheduling, Interdisciplinary Linkages

 5 pm                Finish of Workshop.