Peru Expedition 2003
Byrd Polar Research Center and OSU Geography

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Purpose: to obtain climate information from a region sensitive to the El Nino/La Nina climatic fluctuation.
My role: to install an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) at the summit of Nevado Coropuna.

Arrival at Araquipa, August 11, 2003

Araquipa, beneath the 5,800 m (19,028') high Volcano called Misti.

The downtown square at Araquipa Peru, "The White City", named after the white volcanic ash bricks.

17th century architecture.

Typical lack of exhaust control.

In Peru, the "Ice Plant" was more white in color than in California, USA.

Two large trucks plus 4 Toyota Hilux pickups comprised our expedition transport, beginning in Araquipa and driving to the north 150 km, across a dusty sun baked landscape toward Nevado Coropuna.

Two helpers.

majestic geology near La Castilla

...climbing into the biomes of cacti.

...climbing into a terraced valley to a town called Cuchibamba.

Moss on rocks collected morning frost.

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Photos:  J. E. Box