Greenland Expedition 2003

Extending the automatic weather station tower at Crawford Point, April 19, 2003.  Photo:  J. E. Box

One of many loads on sleds taken down from Swiss Camp into the lower reaches of the Pakitsoq.  Photo:  J. E. Box

En route, not much seasonal snow in 2003, lots of blue ice to cross.  Photo:  J. E. Box

...and the ice got ROUGH. So, we had to do quite some scouting. Photo:  N. Cullen.

Still, it is hard to not flip your sled when you have little choice but to drive through this rough ice!  Photo:  J. E. Box

Then one must keep one's cool when driving past giant holes in the ice.  Photo:  J. E. Box

Kim Petersen helped us do tower work. This guy was in his element!  Photo:  J. E. Box

We returned to DYE-2 and explored once again inside the abandoned station.  Photo:  M. McCallister

Can you believe this place? Note the snowmobile in front for scale. Photo:  J. E. Box

We extended the DYE-2 weather station vertically. Now it should survive another 3 years. Photo:  J. E. Box

This is the NASA-P3, flying numerous glaciological instruments, including the Airborne Topographic Mapper, a laser altimeter to measure height changes over glaciers by repeating surveys. I highly recommend a ride in this plane! Photo:  J. E. Box

Here is the team that occupied Swiss Camp in April and May, 2003. Always smiling, well, at least when the camera is out.
From the left: H. J. Zwally, Molly McCallister, Stoli (pilot), Konrad Steffen, Nicolas Cullen, Jason Box, and Russell Huff.
Photo: Thomas Thomasson.