International Glaciological Society Excursion - Norwegian Glaciers and Fjords - 28-30 August 2004
Photos by Jason E. Box

Between Berekvam and Fl
åm, a 7km walk with beautiful waterfalls and fall colors.

A view of the same waterfall from inside a 'potthole', the hole carved in rock by stones in rushing glacial runoff chanel.

Fjord as seen from ferry between Flåm and Leikanger.

Glacier museum in Fjærland.

View from hotel in Mundal, morning of
29 August.

Bøya Glacier (B
øyabreen), 29 August 2004

View down fjord from Berge on the Mundal valley side.

Nigardsbreen Glacier exhibition.

Nigards Glacier (Nigardsbreen), 29 August, 2004.

Sharp ice at front of Nigardsbreen.

Viewing the tunnel in front of Nigardsbreen.

View from Skjolden Hotel window, morning of 30 August.

Hydropower wheel by Skjolden Hotel.

Meteorological measurement screen near glacier near Juvflya.

Dramatic terrain and clouds near Str

More dramatic terrain and clouds in Lom.

Traditional Norwegian church in Lom.

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