Sermeq Avannarleq, Western Greenland

02-05 June, 2007


The Sermeq Avannarleq glacier, 1.4 km wide, seen from 1000' above sea level, looking north west

Jason Box gathers angle measurements to determine glacier flow speed from repeat photographs collected by the camera station at left.


James Balog takes still photographs of the sea ice below


Jeff Orlowski calibrates the Panasonic HD video camera

Alberto Behar helped keep our electronics alive


James Balog captures more of the scenery


A stone left behind by retreating ice.
A glacial trimline is visible in the background where grey unvegetated land meets vegetated tundra.
The trimline indicates the maximum glacier extent, up to 1000 higher than today, having reached its peak during the 1860s end of the Little Ice Age.


Ptarmigans kept us company.


Photos and text Jason Box.


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