Uummannaq, Western Greenland


08-19 June, 2007


Uummannaq (heart-shaped mountain), Western Greenland


dwellings of time past with modern school in background


the polyfusia of homes in Uummannaq


Female (left) with top-knot and male (right) carvings adorn the walls of Hotel Uummannaq.


harbor at Uummannaq.


fishers at work amongst the ice


a coup of carpentry


a lazy summer for the dogs


Uummannaq looking west from the air


Uummannaq fjord, looking south.


Uummannaq fjord, looking south.


James Balog shooting at the south side of Store Glacier

Jason Box looks on, concerned about engine two oil pressure loss


Jeff Orlowski regards the Uummannaq ice fjord through scratched helicopter plexiglass


James Balog walks on heli-port taxiway beneath the heart-shaped mountain called Uummannaq.


Photos and text Jason Box.


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