Russel Glacier near Kangerlussuaq


26-30 May 2007


Larry Smith walks toward the Russel Glacier.


A lobe of the Russel Glacier where we installed an automatic camera as part of the Extreme Ice Survey


at center, a textbook moraine, that is, glacier-delivered, glacier-pushed and rounded stones (till)


river flowing along side and in places below the Russell glacier front


Wind-driven silt deposit at upper left, dune tussoks at middle, marsh at bottom, all bisected by a melt-fed river.


At this time of year, over land, snow and ice surrender to melt that exposes rock, lakes, and vegetation.


a massive wind-driven silt deposit


This is the ‘long lake’ east of Kangerlussuaq where we made our first camp.



Photos and text © Jason Box.


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