Polar Winds Weather Forecast - for DC-8 flights

Simpson Weather Associates

Model forecasts support the project Atmospheric Dynamics Mission Underflights and Polar Winds: Exploratory Expeditions funded by NASA to Simpson Weather Associates with subcontracts to The Ohio State University and the University of Colorado Boulder. The web-accessible forecasts support flight planning for an Arctic airborne Doppler Wind Lidar field program flying out of Keflavik, Iceland during May 2015. Presented by the Polar Meteorology Group, Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. This model uses the Polar WRF. Any comments or questions about real-time numerical weather prediction can be e-mailed to Dr. David Bromwich.

An additional forecast for Greenland is available from the Danish Meteorological Institute.

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00Z Forecast Last Processing Time: 09/01/2015 14:58 UTC
Model forecast is outdated!

12Z Forecast Last Processing Time: 09/01/2015 14:37 UTC
Model forecast is outdated!

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