List of Manuscripts for the Special Section of Monthly Weather Review on "Science of Antarctic Weather Forecasting"

February 2003, Vol. 131, No. 2.

Bromwich, D.H. Preface for the Special Section, 269-271.

Simmonds, I., K. Keay, and E.-P.Lim. Synoptic activity in the seas around Antarctica, 272-288.

Carrasco, J.F., D.H. Bromwich, and A.J. Monaghan. Distribution and characteristics of mesoscale cyclones in the Antarctic: Ross Sea eastward to the Weddell Sea, 289-301.

Heinemann, G., and T. Klein. Simulations of topographically forced mesocyclones in the Weddell Sea and Ross Sea regions of Antarctica, 302-316.

Parish, T.R., and J. J. Cassano. The role of katabatic winds on the Antarctic surface wind regime, 317-333.

Pendlebury, S.F., N.D. Adams, T.L. Hart and J.T Turner. Numerical weather prediction model performance over high southern latitudes, 335-353.

Murphy, B. Prediction of severe synoptic events in coastal East Antarctica, 354-370.

Lazzara, M.A., L.M. Keller, C.R. Stearns, J.E. Thom, and G.A. Weidner. Antarctic satellite meteorology: Applications for weather prediction, 371-383.

Guo, Z., D.H. Bromwich, and J.J. Cassano. Evaluation of Polar MM5 simulations of Antarctic atmospheric circulation, 384-411.

Bromwich, D.H., A.J. Monaghan, J.J. Powers, J.J. Cassano, H. Wei, Y. Kuo, and A. Pellegrini. Antarctic Mesoscale Prediction System (AMPS): A case study from 2000/2001 field season, 412-434.

Seefeldt, M., G.J. Tripoli, and C.R. Stearns. A numerical simulation of the wind flow in the Ross Island region, Antarctica, 435-458.