Workshop on “RIME Project and Possible Italian-French Cooperative Activities”

Institute of Atmospheric Physics and Climate, National Research Council, Bologna, Italy. July 8-9, 2002.


David Bromwich attended on behalf of the RIME project, gave a talk on RIME in the international context, and participated in the discussion.

The Italian and French scientists are very interested in RIME, and are preparing a science plan for parallel, collaborative research in numerical modeling and fieldwork. This will hopefully be completed by the end of 2002, and will be posted to this website when available.

The Dome C station, being constructed, is a key component of the French-Italian cooperation.  It offers the possibility of expanding the RIME investigations to the high interior of East Antarctica, thus complementing the more coastal focus of U.S. efforts.  Work very complementary to the goals of RIME is already underway there. French scientists are particularly interested in the Dome C to Dumont D’Urville transect and the associated meridional circulation.  Some Italian scientists may focus on the Dome C to Terra Nova Bay transect.  It seems likely that Dome C station will first be occupied during the 2005 winter, so the first RIME field season during 2005-2006 field season fits in well with Dome C plans.

U.S. scientists interested in collaborative work with Italian and/or French scientists (see Workshop Agenda) are encouraged to contact the individuals who attended the workshop and whose contact information is provided. For the Italians, proposals are due in mid 2003 to support research in the 2004-2006 period.

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) could be encouraged to participate in RIME.

The European Space Agency may be interested in efforts at satellite algorithm validation at the RIME Supersite (near the Ferrell AWS).
After the Italian-French science plan is finalized, some kind of international coordination will be needed. In addition formal agreements between NSF and their Italian (PNRA) and French counterparts will likely be sought.

 Workshop Agenda (pdf file)
 List of Participants and Contact Information