WAMC/YOPP-SH, June 21-25, 2021


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(8 or 10 minutes presentation, 2 or 5 minutes discussions)
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Monday June 21, WAMC Meeting (June 21-23)

Day 1, Session 1

Chair: David Bromwich
1100 - 1110 Welcome and Introduction
David Bromwich
Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center
AWS update
1110 - 1125 Automatic Weather Station Observation Strategies and Hardware Updates
Lee Welhouse
1125 - 1140 University of Wisconsin-Madison 2021-2022 AWS Field Season Plans
David Mikolajczyk
1140 - 1155 Antarctic Peninsula Automatic Weather Station Network 2020-21 - Field Season Review
Mairi Simms
Operational Meteorology
1155 - 1210 Operational Meteorology during COVID-19
Michael Johnson
1210 - 1225 Incorporating Automation into NPP Meteorology’s Observational Reporting at McMurdo Station
John Meyer
1225 - 1230 Break
1230 - 1245 2020-21 USAP Operational Meteorology Field Season
Arthur Cayette
1245 - 1300 Portable Doppler Radar Evaluation Results at Phoenix Field, Antarctica
Joseph Snarski
1300 - 1315 Review of X-Band Scanning Radar Observations from Phoenix Airfield
Mark Seefeldt
1315 - 1330 Strategies for using satellite imagery to detect shallow fog in Antarctica - A review of an advection fog event at Phoenix airfield
Jeffrey Fournier
End of the Session 1

Day 1, Session 2

Chair: John Cassano
Antarctic Meteorology
1700 - 1715 A Far Infrared Radiative closure experiment for Antarctic Clouds
Gianluca Di Natale
1715 - 1730 Using a neural network to retrieve cloud height from remote sensing measurements in polar regions
Penny Rowe
1730 - 1745 Assessing Physical Relationships Between Forcing Mechanisms and Boundary Layer Variability at McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Mckenzie Dice
1745 - 1800 Correction for radiative heating errors in naturally ventilated air temperature measurements made from AWS on the Antarctic Plateau
Naoyuki Kurita
1815 - 1820 Break
1820 - 1835 The Antarctic Meteorological Research and Data Center: A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes
Matthew Lazzara
1835 - 1850 The AMRDC Repository: Focus on FAIR Antarctic Meteorological Data
Matthew Noojin
1850 - 1905 The Antarctic-Internet Data Distribution System: The Global Antarctic Telecommunications System
Matthew Lazzara
1905 - 1930 Ice Breaker
End of the Session 2
End of the Day 1
Tuesday June 22, WAMC Meeting (June 21-23)

Day 2, Session 1

Chair: Art Cayette
Precipitation, Strong Winds and PBL, Part I
1100 - 1115 Summer surface mesoscale temperature processes on the East Antarctic Plateau during the YOPP-SH SOP
Sergi Gonzalez
1115 - 1130 Dominant role of vertical air flows in the unprecedented warming on the Antarctic Peninsula in February 2020
Min Xu
1130 - 1145 Atmospheric drivers of extreme precipitation events over coastal West Antarctica
Sai Prabala Swetha Chittella
1145 - 1200 Precipitation over the Southern Ocean: ERA5 and WRF/AMPS evaluation during two snowfall events around Mertz Glacier
Diogo Luis
1200 - 1215 Preliminary results of precipitation phase transition study with PolarWRF and MRR-Pro data over Vernadsky station
Svitlana Krakovska
1215 - 1220 Break
1220 - 1235 Sensitivity analysis of the radar snowfall rate estimates to the microphysics of ice particles in Antarctica coast
Claudio Duran-Alarcon
High-Latitude Environment Prediction, Part I
1235 - 1250 AMPS Update -- June 2021
Kevin Manning
1250 - 1305 AMPS: Looking Ahead
Jordan Powers
1305 - 1320 Mesoscale Evaluation of AMPS using AWARE Radar Observations of a Wind and Precipitation Event over the Ross Island Region of Antarctica
David Kingsmill
1320 - 1335 Simulating Frigid Supercooled Clouds for McMurdo, Antarctica with Polar WRF
Keith Hines
End of the Session 1

Day 2, Session 2

Chair: Jordan Powers
High-Latitude Environment Prediction, Part II
1700 - 1715 AEMET-γSREPS: The Spanish Convection-permitting LAM-EPS on Antarctica
Alfons Callado-Pallares
1715 - 1730 The Siple Dome Challenge: Can Your Model Match a New West Antarctic Dataset?
Dan Lubin
Precipitation, Strong Winds and PBL, Part II
1730 - 1745 Identifying Snowfall Clouds at Syowa Station, Antarctica via a Convolutional Neural Network
Kazue Suzuki
1745 - 1800 Connecting Antarctic Snowfall and Extra-tropical cyclones
Adrian McDonald
1800 - 1815 Extreme atmospheric blocking trends and seasonality on both sides of the Antarctic Peninsula
Julio Marin
1815 - 1820 Break
1820 - 1835 Polar low CAT event during HALO flight: a case study
Paola Rodriguez Imazio
1835 - 1850 A numerical simulation of strong wind event in January 2013 at the King Sejong Station, Antarctica
Seong-Joong Kim
1850 - 1905 Living and working in Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic: Weather information use and decision-making
Victoria Heinrich
1905 - 1920 Major Surface Melting Events over Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Xun Zou
End of the Session 2
End of the Day 2
Wednesday June 23, WAMC Meeting (June 21-23)

Day 3, Session 1

Chair: Kevin Manning
Climate Studies
1100 - 1115 Antarctic Atmospheric River Climatology and Impacts
Jonathan Wille
1115 - 1130 Antarctic Atmospheric Rivers: Flavors and Modes of Variability
Christine Shields
1130 - 1145 Temperature and precipitation projections for the Antarctic Peninsula over the next two decades: contrasting global and regional climate model simulations
Deniz Bozkurt
1145 - 1200 Present and Future of Rainfall in Antarctica
Etienne Vignon
1200 - 1215 Trends in Atmospheric Humidity and Temperature above Dome C, Antarctica Evaluated from Observations and Reanalyses
Philippe Ricaud
1215 - 1220 Break
1220 - 1235 Tropical-Antarctic Teleconnections and their Impacts on the Antarctic Climate Changes
Xichen Li
1235 - 1250 A model-based climatology of low-level jets in the Antarctic
Gunther Heinemann
1250 - 1305 Augmenting West Antarctic Weather and Climate Observations with an Expanded and Updated Ice Core Array
Peter Neff
1305 - 1320 How the mesoscale variability casts doubt on the representativeness of observations near the Antarctic Peninsula
Denys Pishniak
End of the Session 1

Day 3, Session 2

Chair: Matthew Lazzara
1715 - 1730 Temporal variations in Antarctic ice sheet surface accumulation observed with snow depth sensors in automatic weather stations
Naohiko Hirasawa
Poster Session
(2 minutes for each presenter, and 30 minutes in breakout room)
1730 - 1732 Ross Island Area Severe Weather Conditions
Logan Frey
1732 - 1734 Storms and the formation of high salinity shelf water (HSSW) in Antarctic polynyas
Petteri Uotila
1734 - 1736 From the Mountains to the Penguins in the Deep Blue Sea: Importance of Atmospheric Forcing Resolution to the Simulation of the Ocean for a Biological Hotspot off the Antarctic Peninsula
Mike Dinniman
1736 - 1738 Antarctic Meteorological Research and Data Center: Antarctic Meteorological Data Flow
Taylor Norton
1738 - 1740 The Hunt for Tabular Icebergs using Weather Satellites
Ethan Koudelka
1740 - 1742 Estimating surface meltwater input to the ocean over the last 40 years from King George Island ice cap, Antarctica
Christian Torres
1742 - 1744 Antarctic Peninsula Warm Winters Influenced by Tasman Sea Temperatures
Kazutoshi Sato
1744 - 1815 Breakout rooms
LDM Training Session
Host: Matthew Lazzara
1815 - 1915 Antarctic-Internet Data Distribution/Local Data Manager Basic Training & Discussion Session
Conclusions and Discussions
Host: David Bromwich
1915 - 1945 Open Discussion
End of the Session 2
End of the WAMC Meeting
Thursday June 24, YOPP-SH SOP Meeting (June 24-25)

Day 1, Session 1

Chair: David Bromwich
1100 - 1110 Welcome and Introduction
David Bromwich
Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center
1110 - 1125 Update from the YOPP International Coordination Office for Polar Prediction
Kirstin Werner
1125 - 1140 Four seasons of forecasting summer Antarctic sea ice: lessons learned from the SIPN South project
Francois Massonnet
1140 - 1155 Seasonality of sea ice and snow properties from autonomous ice-tethered platforms in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Stefanie Arndt
1155 - 1210 OSE during YOPP-SH with ARPEGE-SH 4DVAR
Eric Bazile
1210 - 1225 Data denial experiments for the YOPP-SH summer SOP using AMPS-Polar WRF
David Bromwich
1225 - 1230 Break
1230 - 1245 Targeted measurements and numerical modelling of atmospheric rivers at the Antarctic Peninsula during the summer YOPP-SH special observing period: impacts on clouds and precipitation
Irina Gorodetskaya
1245 - 1300 Analysis of the 16 Feb 2016 windstorm on South Shetland Islands and assessment of the short-range predictability of the event
Sergi Gonzalez
1300 - 1315 Supercooled Liquid Water Cloud remotely observed and analyzed above Dome C, Antarctica and future in situ observations
Ricaud Philippe
1315 - 1330 Evaluation of the Present Antarctic Weather Station Network in Monitoring the Intra-seasonal to Decadal Climate Variability
Xichen Li
Winter SOP
1330 - 1340 South Africa's plans for YOPP 2022
Tamaryn Morris
End of the Session 1

Day 1, Session 2

Chair: Jordan Powers
1700 - 1715 What we have learned so far: Stakeholder interactions and needs
Daniela Liggett
Winter SOP (continued)
1715 - 1725 Australian plans for the winter SOP in 2022
Phillip Reid
1725 - 1735 Japanese plan of observation and research for the TOPs of YOPP-SH in 2022
Naohiko Hirasawa
1735 - 1745 New Zealand activities for YOPP-SH 2022
Adrian McDonald
1745 - 1755 Korean Contribution to YOPP-SH Winter TOP
Sang-Jong Park
1755 - 1810 YOPP-SH US Plans - Coordination
Jordan Powers, Matthew Lazzara, Art Cayette, and David Bromwich
1810 - 1820 Weather Decisions: Social Science Project for YOPP-SH Winter TOP-1
Victoria Heinrich
1820 - 1830 Break
Discussion of Forecasting Team for Greater Ross Sea and East Antarctica
Host: David Bromwich
1830 - 1900 Open Discussion
End of the Session 2
End of the Day 1
Friday June 25, YOPP-SH SOP Meeting (June 24-25)

Day 2, Session 1

Chair: Kirstin Werner
Winter SOP (continued)
1100 - 1110 Introduction
David Bromwich
1110 - 1120 Atmospheric rivers and their impacts on clouds, precipitation and melt: the Portuguese contribution to YOPP targeted observing periods during austral winter 2022 with radiosonde profiling and precipitation radar
Irina Gorodetskaya
1120 - 1130 Chilean Contribution to YOPP Targeted Observing Periods (TOPS)
Raul Cordero
1130 - 1140 British Antarctic Survey Activities during the SH winter SOP
Tom Lachlan-Cope
1140 - 1155 Italian contribution to YOPP-SH winter SOP
Vito Vitale
1155 - 1205 Meteo-France and IPEV contributions for the YOPP-SH winter 2022
Eric Bazile
1205 - 1210 Break
Discussion of Forecast Sensitivity to Observations Experiments for Winter TOPs
Host: David Bromwich and Eric Bazile
1210 - 1240 Open Discussion
1240 - 1250 Planned activity for YOPP-SH winter SOP on the Ukrainian Antarctic Station Akademik Vernadsky
Svitlana Krakovska
Poster Session
1250 - 1255 Study of the variability of temperature and ozone in the lower-middle stratosphere at Marambio Station in disturbed Dst periods
Adriana Maria Gulisano
Discussion of Forecasting Team for the Greater Antarctic Peninsula
Host: Irina Gorodetskaya
1255 - 1305 Forecasting team and measurement planning of targeted observing periods at the Greater Antarctic Peninsula region during the winter YOPP-SH 2022
Irina Gorodetskaya
1305 - 1335 Open Discussion on the Greater Antarctic Peninsula
End of the YOPP-SH SOP Meeting
End of the Conference

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