Workshop on Polar Simulations with the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model

November 2 and 3, 2011
Byrd Polar Research Center, The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio, USA

The polar weather and climate community is using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model to address an ever expanding range of topics in both the Arctic and Antarctic including numerical weather prediction, regional reanalysis, climate variability and change detection, and climate model downscaling. The goal of the workshop is to assess the community experience regarding the strengths and weaknesses of WRF applied in high latitudes regarding atmospheric parameterizations, numerical issues, data assimilation using WRF-Var, and challenges facing the Noah Land Surface Model. Several projects are underway to couple WRF with ocean and sea ice models to develop regional system models, and another workshop goal is to establish synergies between these efforts. The workshop will also coincide with the formal release of Polar WRF 3.3 by the Polar Meteorology Group of the Byrd Polar Research Center. Virtual participation via PolyCom or Skype likely will be supported. The workshop will include talks, posters, and forums. There is no registration fee. You are invited to attend! Contact David Bromwich for more details, or register online.

Presentation Options

  • In person at the workshop. Can either be oral or as a poster.
  • Remotely via Polycom. We can support 4-8 sites simultaneously. Good quality. Allows interactive participation in the workshop.
  • Remotely via Skype. Only one presenter at a time can use this option. Not the highest quality. Would likely request the PowerPoint be sent to organizers who could display and advance the PowerPoint at the conference using instructions from the presenter via the audio feed.
  • Note the workshop will be streamed over the Byrd Center website. This will not be the best quality, and won't allow interactive participation in the workshop. Hopefully there won't be glitches, but we haven't used this capability up to now.