The 16th Workshop on Antarctic Meteorology and Climate (WAMC) (Virtual, June 21-23, 2021)

The 6th Year of Polar Prediction in the Southern Hemisphere (YOPP-SH) Meeting (Virtual, June 24-25, 2021)

Polar Meteorology Group

Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

  • The WAMC Committee

    David Bromwich, The Ohio State University (2021 Organizer)

    Scott Carpentier, Australian Bureau of Meteorology

    John Cassano, University of Colorado-Boulder

    Arthur Cayette, NIWC Systems Center

    Steve Colwell, British Antarctic Survey

    Matthew Lazzara, Madison Area Technical College and University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Jordan Powers, National Center for Atmospheric Research

  • The YOPP-SH Committee

    David Bromwich, The Ohio State University

    Kirstin Werner, Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research

Questions, comments, suggestions are most welcome ...

Please email to Dr. David Bromwich or Dr. Sheng-Hung Wang.