Polar Optimized Version of the Weather Research and Forecasting (PWRF) Model

Version 3.x.x

The standard version of WRF can be downloaded from the official WRF Users website.

Please fill out and submit the following form to register to use Polar WRF. Your application will be submitted to the Polar Meteorology Group at The Ohio State University. After your application is reviewed, a gzipped tar file will be sent to your e-mail address.


Polar WRF has been tested on the Ohio Supercomputer Center and Linux environment. We cannot guarantee it will compile or perform correctly on all computer platforms, nor can we guarantee it is free from bugs. We will provide assistance to users within our available resources.

We ask that you reference our relevant Polar WRF publications, such as those included in the Polar Meteorology Group publications page in your own publications. Also, when you publish, please notify us, so the list of publications resulting from Polar WRF can be updated.